An Advent series 2018 calling us beyond fear to embrace Christ's good news of hope, joy, healing and peace this December.

This December, we're inviting 25 Christians to share their reflections on how we can move beyond fear to become peacemakers in our world.

Fear not is a familiar phrase in the Christmas stories of the bible. As people found themselves part of the coming of Christ, time and again they were exhorted to not be afraid.

As followers of Jesus, we too are invited to move beyond fear.

We are invited to embrace as family those whom we may initially fear. Listen to people who are different to us and learn from them. Acknowledge our own fear of taking action to become peacemakers in the world and embrace the freedom given to us through Jesus.

To move beyond fear is to accept an invitation into love and freedom. God’s love is radical and gracious. It is a love that banishes fear of judgement (1 John 4). We live in a world in which fear is at the heart of division and exclusion. As we reflect on Jesus’ call to move beyond fear, we are reminded not only of the love we encounter personally but also love as a driving force for good in the world.

Throughout December, we'll hear daily reflections from these incredible contributors: 

  • Charlene_DeSantos.pngCharlene Delos Santos Co-director, SURRENDER
  • Scott Sanders CEO, Common Grace
  • Rev. Christine Redwood Lead Pastor, Seaforth Baptist
  • Elizabeth Stone Associate General Secretary, National Council of Churches
  • Uncle Ray Minniecon Aboriginal Pastor
  • Grace Lung Research Fellow, Centre for Asian Christianity
  • Meredith Lake Writer & Historian
  • Jessica Smith Community Pastor, Paddington Anglican
  • Ross Piper CEO, Christian Super
  • Rachel Friebel Manager, Family Relationship Services
  • Stephen O'Doherty Radio Presenter, Hope 103.2
  • Stevie Wills Community Education Officer, CBM Australia
  • Fr Shenouda Mansour Coptic Orthodox Priest
  • Michelle Farrall Director, The Future Leader Group
  • David Barrow Lead Organiser, Sydney Alliance
  • Mary-Anne Maio Comms Officer, Catholic Youth Adelaide
  • Liz Milani Pocketfuel
  • Brooke Prentis Aboriginal Christian Leader
  • Hwvar Khoshnow
  • Rev. Charissa Suli Uniting Church Assembly
  • Sherwin Titus Student
  • Natalie Williams Board Chair, Common Grace
  • Brad Chilcott Founder, Welcome to Australia
  • Jason John Uniting Earth
  • Josh Dowton Associate Pastor, Northside Baptist Church

This series has been produced by Common Grace,
with support from Christian Super.