May the God of all wonder who set the stars in the sky, 

bless you with relentless unsettledness – 

that drives you to seek truth. 

May the God of all justice who gave motion to the rivers, 

bless you with righteous anger – 

that drives you to seek freedom for all. 

May the God of all love who placed laughter in the kookaburra, 

bless you with the friendship – 

that looks like the love where one lays down their life for another. 

May the God of all comfort who determined the height of the mountains, 

bless you with tears from shared pain and mourning – 

that shows you hope. 

Now with wonder, righteous anger, sacrifice, and lament – 

Go in truth, justice, love, and hope – 

to Change The Heart of Australia. 

This Aboriginal blessing can be used as a prayer, blessing or benediction. 

If you are using please acknowledge Brooke Prentis as the author/writer.

This prayer was used as a Benediction at the 2020 #ChangeTheHeart Prayer Services.