I am one of more than 56,000  Australian Christians that are part of the Common Grace movement. We are passionate about Jesus and Justice. I will vote for a candidate who shows #CommonGrace. I am specifically concerned for refugees and people seeking asylum.

As Christians, we believe in justice, generosity, compassion and welcoming the foreigner, and we believe this is something to bring about now and together in community. For Australia and our government, we have perpetrated such great harm and evil against vulnerable people seeking safety with us. As a nation we seek to put this right. How will you provide protection and freedom for people seeking safety on our shores?

With all of this in mind could you please specifically answer the following questions:

1. Australia’s offshore detention program has caused significant harm to refugees and people seeking asylum for almost a decade. Several hundred remain in detention offshore. What are your durable solutions for people in Australia's offshore processing system to find lasting safety?

2. Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) holders do not have the same access to services, rights and residency or citizenship pathways as refugees who hold a Permanent Protection Visa (PPV). How will you end the uncertainty of temporary protection visas and grant permanent protection to refugees in Australia?

3. People seeking asylum often face destitution and homelessness as they wait for their asylum applications to be processed. How will you restore status resolution support services (SRSS) to all people seeking asylum, including families and children, awaiting the outcome of their asylum applications?

4. The “fast-track” process does not provide a fair and just assessment of asylum applications. How will you restore a fair and fast asylum application process that meets Australia’s obligation of permanent protection for refugees?[RS1] 

5. A record high of over 84 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, war or human rights violations - there is a dire global need and responsibility for the resettlement of refugees. How will you increase our humanitarian program and generously contribute to durable solutions for refugees?


Wondering how to email your candidates?

Check the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to see the list of all candidates in your electorate.

Wikipedia also has a full list of the candidates running in your electorate.

Use the AEC website to search for contact details (also search via Google and Facebook – more and more candidates use social media).