Position Description

Chief Executive Officer






Sydney (preferably)


Board of Directors


Operations Director


Full time (4 days negotiable)


July 2019



Common Grace is an independent movement of over 43,000 Christians who are passionate about Jesus and justice. Started in 2014, we are an Australian Christian movement for justice equipping Christians to think, act and speak like Jesus for a more just world. More specifically, we celebrate the local church as it looks like Jesus in the world, form people in faith as recipients of grace and obedient to Jesus’ call to love our neighbour, and mobilise Christians to be a faithful presence for God in a needy world. We focus on new online campaigning strategies but with a deep theological underpinning that offers a provocative yet merciful Christian voice in public conversations.



The role of the CEO at Common Grace is to:

  • offer passionate, prayerful, and wise organisational leadership
  • imagine, inspire and implement effective strategy
  • grow and effectively manage the organisation within agreed budget
  • represent Common Grace publicly and in the media.









Fundraising and partnership development

Build relationships with potential and existing organisational funders and individual major donors to present the vision for Common Grace and explore relevant avenues for their partnership.

Present the vision and the work of Common Grace to the Christian public and our membership, inviting them to financially contribute (speaking events, online appeals etc). 

Diversity & predictability in income stream. 

Strategy is funded & budget is met. 

All partnerships are healthy, with funding not directing campaign objectives. 

Significant increase in member giving and regular giving year on year. 


Elevate Common Grace’s public profile 

Actively seek out and embrace opportunities in the public sphere to be a Christian voice that is generous, merciful and yet provocative in tone.

Become the leading Christian voice to politicians and media on issues related to government policy and the intersection of faith and society. 

All strategic opportunities to contribute to public debate and conversation are taken.

All Common Grace communications are generous, merciful and provocative in tone. 

Common Grace is well represented in media and the public sphere.





Drive strategy

Develop organisational strategy that delivers on missional goals of spiritual formation, celebration and mobilisation of the Christian community. 

An increased depth and engagement of the Christian community in CG spiritual formation. 

An increase in the number of acts of justice and mercy that CG celebrates. 

More just and compassionate public policy as a result of a mobilised Christian community through CG. 

The Christian church is represented by a more gracious tone in the public sphere. 


Team leadership

Grow and motivate a high quality team of staff, volunteers and community leaders to deliver Common Grace’s work.

Direct staff in setting work priorities 

Develop, strengthen and protect organisational culture.

Lead and nurture a culture of prayer and spiritual discernment. 

Volunteers & staff are well supported, demonstrating positive ongoing commitment to Common Grace.

Organisational culture is healthy & well structured. 

Growth in the number of volunteers.  

Staff have clarity on their work priorities. 

Staff & volunteers own and deliver on outcomes. 


Campaign effectiveness

Oversee the delivery of effective & timely campaigns. 

Drive campaigns as and when necessarily appropriate for the CEO to do so.

Rapid Response campaigns are timely, effective and contribute to long-term strategy. 

Campaigns deliver on campaign targets, such as policy change, list building, leadership development, media hits, etc. 


Financial sustainability & management

Effectively manage financial resources for organisational impact, efficiency and long-term sustainability. 

Work with the Board to ensure legal compliance with relevant regulatory bodies, especially with regards to safeguarding children, inclusion and diversity. 

Report accurate and timely information to the Board.

Ensure adequate resourcing for delivering on strategy. 

Expenditure is kept within budget. 

Financial systems support good fiscal management. 

Common Grace is meeting all legal and regulatory compliance. 

Board reports are accurate & timely.




  • A commitment to Common Grace’s Christian values and ethos, and passionate about social justice and the invitation of the Christian faith to be centred on the justice, beauty and generosity of Jesus.  
  • Proven organisational leadership, including experience leading teams, with the ability to apply strategic thinking to set direction, plan, implement and evaluate strategy.
  • Existing profile/presence or clear ability to become the public voice of Common Grace to further the organisation’s influence and provide a missing Christian voice in the political and public sphere.
  • Exceptional fundraising experience or skills, including the ability to network, build rapport and develop strategic partnerships.
  • Solid interpersonal skills in being able to influence stakeholders, attract membership and drive a positive internal people culture. 
  • Strong experience delivering on strategic outcomes. 
  • Campaigning or advocacy experience.


  • Qualifications in theology, management and/or politics.
  • Church leadership or ministry experience.
  • Public relations or media experience.





  • Operations Director
  • Communications Officer
  • campaign team leaders
  • board of directors
  • new & existing funding partners
  • denominational leaders
  • media
  • political decision makers



Annual salary is set at $85K (plus compulsory super) with a guaranteed first 12 months of income, and fringe benefits may be available for those with ministry qualifications. As Common Grace’s total budget is entirely dependent on donations of churches and faithful givers, beyond the first year the sustainability of the whole staff team will need to be met through new partnerships and ongoing fundraising. In addition, there will be a 5% salary increase in 2021 pending positive fundraising outcomes.



Everyone at Common Grace is responsible for workplace safety both in terms of their own behaviour and taking action to resolve safety issues they become aware of. The CEO will at all times carry out their responsibilities with due regard to legal compliance and to our ongoing commitment to safeguarding children, inclusion and diversity.