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In the beginning God made a home.
Not a house with four walls and a door -
a place of belonging and safety for all
for bodies with wings and tails,
or fins and scales,
or human skin
like you and I exist within.
We could describe this space
as one that was marked with common grace.
A common home.

This is a home marked by the beauty, love, and generosity of God.

But home can be invaded, and taken
it can be denied or degraded
it can become unsafe,
stripped of its intended common grace.

We long for our common home to be a place of belonging, safety, and welcome for all.

With your gift this Christmas you can help pursue the renewal of our common home. 

This Christmas, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, may you accept His invitation to be part of the reconciliation, renewal and restoration of God’s common home…of all people and all creation.  

May you remember that God took on human skin to dwell among us, into the midst of our broken home.

This Christmas, let us rejoice in the goodness of Jesus coming to our one and only common home. And as you follow Jesus today, will you help bring love and justice to where there is suffering, discrimination, and injustice?

Your gift will help raise a Christian voice to call for a better Australia. 

Give this Christmas to help renew our common home.

✔️ Your donation will help inspire, equip and mobilise followers of Jesus across these lands, Australia, to be active in their faith and pursue the restoration and reconciliation of all things.

✔️ Your donation will help raise a courageous and gracious Christian voice in the public sphere, so that justice can prevail.

✔️ Your gift will help pursue the flourishing of all people and creation. 


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Common Grace is a registered charity with Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) listed as Christians for Justice.