When Jesus instructed his followers to 'Love thy neighbour', he didn't put an asterisk beside it and add fine print that exempted us if we were afraid or if it didn't seem wise according to our human rationale. In fact, he went on to instruct us to love our enemies!

So, although we are all tempted to focus inwardly or respond to fear, many of us Christians are hoping to live Christ's love in specific and practical ways - and we're encouraging whole church communities to take up the  challenge and come on the journey with us!

We're suggesting that churches and church leaders simply by:

1. Growing in understanding, perhaps using our video teaching series, or by inviting a speaker to come and speak at your church

2. Connecting with others Christians who are also determined to love their neighbours, and doing it!

Connect with other churches

Last year Louisa Hope, our Ambassador for Common Grace, along with Tim Costello, who is on our Common Grace Board, brought together a group of key denominational leaders to meet with our NSW State Premier to discuss the important role that Christians could play in building peace, kindness and respect in our community. Together, they spoke of the need for Christians to practically example Christ's instruction to "love thy neighbour" by building friendships with Muslims. They imagined Christians in their own denominations sharing meals with Muslims families in their local area, and Christian youth groups partnering with Muslim youth groups to serve their local communities. The group left with a common agreement to further the cause of "love thy neighbour" within their own spheres of influence.

This year, Louisa and our CEO Scott Sanders will continue meeting with these denominational leaders to learn what they've been able to implement and what plans they have for the future, so stay tuned for some great celebration stories in the coming months.

If your church is keen to become involved in our Love Thy Neighbour campaign, send us a quick email so that we can connect you with other likeminded Christians!