Lead a movement of Australians passionate about Jesus and justice

Full time (negotiable part time), preferably based in either Melbourne or Sydney.



About us

Common Grace is a movement of over 50,000 Christians who are passionate about Jesus and justice. 

Started in 2014, we seek to support and accelerate an Australian Christian movement for justice by equipping Christians to think, act and speak like Jesus for a more just world. More specifically, we seek to 

  • Mobilise Christians to be a faithful presence for God in the world, 

  • Form people in faith as recipients of grace and obedient to Jesus’ call to love our neighbour, and 

  • Partner with local churches to look like Jesus in the world.

We have adopted both the online and offline campaigning strategies of existing secular organisations, but with a deep theological underpinning that can offer a provocative yet merciful Christian voice in the public sphere. Our unique position in the Australian Church has also enabled us to engage with and support Aboriginal Christian leaders and lead innovative campaigns such as Knit for Climate more deeply. 

Common Grace has a strong foundation across four justice areas, (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Justice, Creation and Climate, Domestic and Family Violence, People Seeking Asylum) and is looking to take steps into a new phase of great impact through engagement of our members and the public.

Your job 

You love the Australian church and long for it to be known as a voice that echoes the heart of Jesus for a more just world. Your passionate, prayerful and wise organizational leadership would see you imagining, inspiring and implementing effective strategy to build a stronger Common Grace team and movement (paid staff and volunteers) through the spiritual formation and mobilisation of Christians concerned for justice. 

Representing Common Grace in the church as well as in the public and political sphere, you would help lead a conversation on what active faith looks like when it is inspired by the grace, generosity and justice of Jesus.  

Your day-to-day work would see you spending half your time on extending Common Grace’s opportunities to offer a gracious Christian voice (external priorities - business development, fundraising, partnerships, public relations & media engagement) and the other half on building our capability (internal priorities - setting & implementing strategy, policy & systems, building our team of awesome staff and volunteers). 

Sound like you?
  • You are passionate about Jesus and justice. 

  • You love the Australian Church and long for it to be known for the grace, generosity and justice of Jesus. 

  • Your contagious passion for social justice combined with your proven organisational leadership makes you an influential and experienced voice in the Christian public and in the political spheres. 

  • Inspired by an active faith and politically savvy, you have proven experience campaigning on issues of social justice and engaging the church on an integrated theology of justice. 

  • You are an exceptional strategic mind; smart, perceptive and able to drive vision and strategy. 

  • It’s natural for you to attract both people and financial resources to the important work you are doing. 

  • Your previous staff and employers can testify to your supportive leadership and capacity to shift between internal and external priorities. 

  • You have a courageous appetite for challenge and risk but are willing to back it up with wise stewardship and strategic planning. 


This role is covered by the SCHADS award and access to exemptions from FBT are also negotiable. 

To apply, please forward a cover letter responding to the key position requirements as outlined above in the ‘sound like you’ dot points, along with your CV to [email protected]. Enquiries to Kristyn Crossfield (Board Chair) on 0425 275 860.

Closing Date for applications is Thursday 14 April 2022.

We seek to be a gracious and diverse workplace, in which people of different backgrounds, genders and ages work together. We are committed to equal opportunity and the creation of an inclusive workplace. Common Grace’s recruitment and selection procedures and checks reflect our commitment to the well-being and protection of children.

At the centre of what justice means in an Australian context is truth-telling about our history and we therefore strongly encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply.

People with lived experience in one or more of Common Grace’s four key justice areas are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Need further information? Please read through the Common Grace CEO Position Description. For more context on Common Grace please see our key justice areas on our website and you can request a 2020 Annual Report by emailing [email protected] with the subject line CEO role request report. 


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