Great Creator Spirit, Lord God, Papa, Jesus,

We pray together unto you.


From nation to nation

Right across these lands now called Australia

From north, to east, to south, to west.

From coast, to forest, to desert, to city.

We are tuning in together on country.


For land and waters and sky,

For trees and plants and flowers,

For animals and fish and birds,

For hills and rocks and mountains,

For all peoples...

For country...


Jesus, we lament the injustice of the past

Jesus, we lament the ongoing injustice in the present


Jesus, we confess we have contributed to injustice

Jesus, we confess to having not loved our Aboriginal neighbour as you have called


Jesus, we thank you for the resilience, survival, and leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Jesus, we thank you that we have the opportunity for relationship and friendship


Jesus, we know we must do better

Jesus, we know we must make things right


Jesus, we ask for your guidance as we seek justice in our lifetime

Jesus, we ask you 

To open our eyes to see as you see

To open our ears to hear as you hear

To open our minds to truth as you know

To open our hearts to love as you love


As a movement of people pursuing Jesus and justice

We come together for the common good

We discover common ground

We share in common grace

We long to embrace unity with diversity


May the beats of many hearts create a beautiful symphony

In tune

In rhythm

With each other, with all of creation, and with Jesus.


As we pray for justice to roll like the waves of the oceans that surround these lands now called Australia

We pray to #ChangeTheHeart of Australia.


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