Connecting the dots between listening, learning and action as we pursue Jesus and justice.

Common Grace Digital Seminars are designed for people who want to listen to stories of injustice and be equipped to bring about change.

Presented by thought leaders, creators and campaigners, on a wide variety of topics including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice, justice for those seeking safety and asylum, the epidemic of violence against women, pursuing a safe climate for all of Creation and building a greater understanding of Jesus’ call to love our neighbours.

There are no upcoming seminars at the moment. 

Past Seminars:

Tuesday 15 February 2022: Continuing the Conversation with Aunty Jean Phillips

Wednesday, 15 November 2021: Acknowledging our Emotions in Pursuing a Safe Climate

Wednesday, 25 November 2020: A Christian Approach to January 26. View seminar details 
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Thursday, 29 October 2020: Come On The Journey With Aunty Jean Phillips.
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