All Australians are harmed by what has happened to First Nations peoples. 

Creator God appointed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be the caretakers of these lands, waters and sky. First Nations peoples have been faithfully following God’s instructions to live sustainably and gently on these lands.  

But since 1770, First Nations peoples have been tormented by dispossession of their land, their cultures, their languages, and right to autonomy. They have suffered unjustly and still face ongoing disadvantage, discrimination and powerlessness. 

Creator God is calling each of us to join with Jesus in the redemptive work of reconciliation… of righting wrongs, healing relationships, and pursuing justice. 

Please donate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice. 

When you donate to Common Grace you are helping right the wrongs of the past, and fuel a movement for a new way forward in Australia. 

With your generosity we can pursue justice, healing, and flourishing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Your generosity helps equip followers of Jesus to listen deeply to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders, advocate for truth-telling of these lands, and pursue the end of systemic injustice. 

How you’re helping:  

  • You’re helping to amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders and Elders, 
  • You’re equipping the movement to campaign for Voice, Truth-Telling, and Treaty and Treaties,
  • You’re supporting the campaign on Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility, Stopping Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and Closing the Gap,
  • You’re ensuring educational and theological resources are produced that inspire people to take meaningful action, and
  • You’re pursuing the end of racism and working towards a society where all people are supported, valued and empowered. 

With your generosity and support, we are working towards our dream of a transformed Australiawhere First Nations peoples are honoured and respected, and their cultures are a blessing to the nation…where there is justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples…and where there is reconciliation in our lifetime.

Help pursue reconciliation and the flourishing of First Nations peoples and donate now to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice. 

How to give

You can give using the secure online form or alternatively, donate via bank transfer using the following account details. 

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Ensure your name is written in the description field and email [email protected] to let us know your gift is on its way.

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