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We have reached a tipping point. Both for the children in detention on Nauru and among our politicians in Canberra. The children are in serious danger and our politicians are hearing the importance of getting Kids Off Nauru more than ever before. We need Christians around Australia to email their MPs and demand they get kids off Nauru. 

The momentum that has built in the past few days has been unexpected. We believe God is breaking down doors and changing hearts to see these children taken off Nauru. For us as the church it is on us to take action and walk in step with the Holy Spirit as the Lord leads the way in bringing justice and hope for these children. 

Recent movement has come from local MPs like Craig Laundy, Trent Zimmerman and Russell Broadbent.1 As backbenchers for the Coalition government they have taken the extraordinary step of speaking out publicly against the detention of these children. Craig Laundy cited the change of opinion in his electorate as a major reason for him speaking out against his government's own policy. 

By writing as Christians to our local representatives we can add - on mass - the same pressure that led these representatives to speak against these horrible circumstances that these children live in. 

It's now about a month until November 20th - Universal Children's Day. An international day set aside to improving child welfare across the world. By praying, acting, writing, and telling our family in Christ to do the same we have a real hope that by this date all children subject to offshore processing in Nauru will be brought to Australia with their families.

If you care for these children, please write to your MP to let these children and their families come to Australia.

At the heart of our faith is a deep belief that all life is precious, and that those who are vulnerable and subject to injustice have God's ear. May we too bend our ear to the cries of those in detention, longing for hope, praying for relief.

As a movement, we are committed to speaking against injustice, to standing with the marginalised, to calling out the best in the church that we may be a voice of compassion, peace, humility and beauty that stands for justice and mercy in all things.

#KidsOffNauru is a nation-wide campaign involving hundreds of organisations across faith and civil society. Together we are calling for the immediate resettlement of children, and their families, who are being held indefinitely on Nauru.

1 'Tipping point': Liberal MPs urge PM to bring Nauru children to Australia, SBS Australia