We’ve put together some FAQs about this new season for Common Grace. 


Why has a National Director been appointed and not a CEO?

The Common Grace National Director fulfils the role of CEO. This new title reflects the focus on leading alongside, supporting and guiding a grassroots movement of many committed, passionate leaders, working together to pursue Jesus and justice in these lands now called Australia. 


What will Common Grace's leadership in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice look like in this new season?

Common Grace is committed to continue listening, learning and being led by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders as we seek justice in these lands now called Australia. At the centre of what justice means in an Australian context is truth-telling about our history and therefore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders are fundamental to all our work. Bianca Manning, Common Grace's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice leader will continue leading our work as together we speak out for Treaty, truth-telling, healing, reconciliation and justice.    

How can I be involved in this new season of Common Grace?

Common Grace has never been about just one person. We are a genuine movement of many passionate followers of Jesus. And so as this new season opens, we’d love you to join us in welcoming Gershon and considering how you would like to take action with Common Grace as together we pursue Jesus and justice. 

Top three ways to support, welcome and meet Gershon Nimbalker:

  1. Write a message of support for Gershon here.
  2. Commit to pray for the Common Grace movement as we enter this new season together.
  3. Join a special Common Grace Online Gathering, Wednesday 29th June 2022, 7pm AEST. Gershon and our justice teams will be debriefing about the recent federal election and reflecting on the opportunities we have for speaking out for Jesus and justice in this new season for Common Grace and the leadership of our nation. Register Now.

Would you like to partner with Common Grace to support our work in this new season? Make a one-off donation or consider being one of our key monthly donors here


Have more questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected]