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Even if you can’t gather with others on September 20, what are you rallying for when you engage in climate action?  It could be a place, person, bible text, conviction, group, nation, species, ecosystem, emotion, aspiration. You name it!

Take or find a photo of something that represents, however abstractly you like, who/what/where you are rallying for.

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We are all rallying for God’s beautiful Earth.  But what is one specific reason that you are rallying?  It could be a place, person, group, nation, species, ecosystem, Bible verse, faith statement, emotion, aspiration. You name it.

And we mean rallying in its broadest sense. You may not be able to gather on September 20, but whenever and wherever you do something for the sake of God’s Earth, who/what/where are you doing it for?

In the lead up to the physical rallies of the September 20 Global #ClimateStrike, we want to flood social media with images of Common Grace members sharing why it’s important to them, to rally.

On the day we want hundreds more images of all of us, wherever we are, rallying for God’s Earth.  As individuals, families, groups or congregations.

How do I take my photo?

Take or find a photo of something that represents, however abstractly you like, who/what/where you are rallying for.

If you're using your phone to take the photo, landscape orientation will work best (though you'll also be able to rotate it before posting). If you want you can also take a photo with a few people, and share it together. Then, write who/what/where you are rallying for, add it to this website and share it on your social media.


46 Photos

Grahame E.
Blue Mountains
“I value God’s creation. I love wilderness. I’m appalled at what humans are doing to this planet with our unsustainable practices. We are the plague species. The greed and destruction must stop!”
Di S.
Port Elliot, South Australia
“I’m rallying for all those who can’t take part in a physical rally. Know that we are with you in spirit.”
Lorraine A.
Janet R.
“The furthest corners of the earth by action close to home. I want my nieces and nephews to inherit a planet with glaciers rather than flooded oceans. Im trying to avoid micro plastics and leave remote places alone to avoid carbon footprints caused by plane trips. I acknowledge the call by God to be a steward of the earth.”
Brooke P.
a, Australia
“I’m rallying for the trees!”
Jessica M.
“Polar Bears and all God’s wonderful creatures.”
Tabitha N.
Bicheno Tasmania
“East coast Tasmania”
Jasine L.
Hervey Bay Queensland
“Our beautiful creation that surrounds us and brings me so much joy! I treasure what has been given and never want to take it for granted.”
Monique H.
test, Australia
“I’m rallying for a future where our children can enjoy the beauty and abundance of God’s good creation.”
Nicole W.
Sydney, NSW
“I’m rallying for the trees; tall, steady, and indifferently majestic. As the lungs of our earth, they deserve better.”
Jess S.
“I’m rallying for an earth that’s habitable for my children and future generations.”
Natalie W.
Leichhardt NSW
“I’d do anything for my kid that’s why I’m calling for climate justice. It’s our kids who will pay the highest price for us doing nothing.”
Jason J.
Bellingen NSW
“I’m rallying for my neighbours, the creatures that lived in this once lush wetland, which is now a valley of bones. If we act fast enough, perhaps their descendents can return and live in this their land.”
Bianca M.
Alice Springs
“I’m rallying for the protection of the lands, waters, flora, and fauna that hold immeasurable value for Aboriginal peoples.”