We know that God's beautiful Earth is worth protecting. Christians know that we need to be reminded what we know over and over again.  

To wonder. To celebrate.

To be moved to protect that beauty.

That’s why this September, we’re inviting you to journey with us - to really hear the groaning of creation, to respond via individual actions, and then come together at the September 20 #ClimateStrike rallies. 


Hear the cry of God’s beautiful Earth through many different human interpreters this Season of Creation.




Join us at the Global #ClimateStrike on September 20th. 



Why are you rallying? Whether or not you can make the September 20th rally, we’re asking you to represent your motivation for acting for God’s beautiful Earth on our photo wall. Over the next weeks we will be gathering photos of individuals and churches who believe we need to rally for climate action.

Please contribute to our online gallery now, and if you are part of a congregation, could you organise a photo too?  

Click through to our represent gallery to see why others are rallying, and to join in by posting your photo.