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Even if you can’t gather with others on September 20, what are you rallying for when you engage in climate action?  It could be a place, person, bible text, conviction, group, nation, species, ecosystem, emotion, aspiration. You name it!

Take or find a photo of something that represents, however abstractly you like, who/what/where you are rallying for.

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We are all rallying for God’s beautiful Earth.  But what is one specific reason that you are rallying?  It could be a place, person, group, nation, species, ecosystem, Bible verse, faith statement, emotion, aspiration. You name it.

And we mean rallying in its broadest sense. You may not be able to gather on September 20, but whenever and wherever you do something for the sake of God’s Earth, who/what/where are you doing it for?

In the lead up to the physical rallies of the September 20 Global #ClimateStrike, we want to flood social media with images of Common Grace members sharing why it’s important to them, to rally.

On the day we want hundreds more images of all of us, wherever we are, rallying for God’s Earth.  As individuals, families, groups or congregations.

How do I take my photo?

Take or find a photo of something that represents, however abstractly you like, who/what/where you are rallying for.

If you're using your phone to take the photo, landscape orientation will work best (though you'll also be able to rotate it before posting). If you want you can also take a photo with a few people, and share it together. Then, write who/what/where you are rallying for, add it to this website and share it on your social media.


Church Photos

Sanctuary Church
“A hopeful future.”
Hope Uniting Church, Maroubra
“We want to care for the earth and everything in it. We’re rallying to call for justice for the earth!”
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Uki NSW
“We are rallying for the rain forests of the Tweed valley and across the world”
0498186888, Australia
“We’re rallying for a safe climate.”

46 Photos

Astrid E.
KawanaLife Baptist Church, Australia
“An estimated 4000 people gathered at Cotton Tree Park, Sunshine Coast QLD and we gathered with like minds to consider the impacts now, tomorrow and into the future for our communities. We acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people as traditional owners, and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. Our rally especially raised the voices of our younger generations and those marginalised in ways where they cannot speak for themselves. Our passion is for God’s command to tend and care for the earth (Genesis 2:15, alongside many verses of creation and God’s sovereignty). Over consumption reveals to us all that we are disobeying this command in various ways. It’s time to ACT.”
Ally N.
Sydney, NSW
“I’m rallying to show love – for our beautiful planet, the people and creatures who call it home, and our good and powerful Creator.”
Rebecca L.
“I’m rallying for God’s beautiful creation, with hope that I can help to care for it and that my son will grow up to see its beauty.”
Denise S.
Hobart - nupalina (unofficially recognised by the the Local Council, named by the TAC)
“The sign pretty much says why! Hobart North UC has been engaging in sustainable September themes and the call we have to care for earth. That it is about looking after each other, the vulnerable, and what God said was good. That it is about knowing we are part of faithful people through many generations including those yet to be. We have looked at practical changes we can make now – what we buy, where we invest, the use of our resources. The collective of small actions, that make a big change.”
Kelly S.
Melbourne, VIC
“Even the rocks cry out • I am rallying for the land so that those who are deaf to their cries might be able to hear it louder.”
Joanne S.
White street Footscray Melbourne 3011
“No point seeking any justice if we’ve doomed the planet”
Christina G.
“I’m joining my voice with others seeking awareness, justice and change in the way we live on the planet. For some the planet was created by a creator … Buddhist stories favour an event, a bang. Whatever happened, it is what it is, but it does have laws, what Buddhists call dharma. We need to live in harmony with the earth and the way it sustains itself and its life. We need to remember to ‘walk in beauty’, in the words of a prayer from Native North America.”
Valerie C.
“I’m rallying for the future of the children I sponsor in Africa.”
Janine d.
“God’s creation – all of it!! I feel ashamed that so much of the damage we are witnessing now has been blamed on Christianity and our blatant lack of respect for God’s beautiful gift to us.”
Judy R.
“Caring for God’s creation.”
Nerida C.
“I live in the Central West of NSW, and it’s been pretty dry here for a while. I wish all people, especially those in power, would treasure the land that holds us all. It’s not ours’ to abuse, it’s a gift from our Creator – a wonderful, rich and abundant gift – so full of diversity and beauty. It’s the ultimate in pride and stupidity to think we have the right to use it for our own greed, and put the future at risk.”
Jennifer M.
“Gosh all the reasons. Preservation of God’s amazing creations, but more than preservation thriving of….”
Peter G.
“I support all people especially young students like Greta Thunberg who are concerned about our beautiful earth and the destructive effects of anthropogenic climate change”
Meredith K.
“I sing with environmental activist choir, Ecopella and 25 of us will be rallying and singing in the Sydney Domain at the Global Strike for the Climate to call our politicians to wake up to the reality of climate change and to move away from fossil fuel extraction especially coal mining and fracking with it’s devastating effects on the earth, fauna species, rural communities, indigenous sacred sites and vulnerable peoples around the world. It is an imperative in this escalating climate crisis that all of us work together to turn the tide.”
Rob K.
“For those who rely on steady rain for their food and livelihood – like here in Ethiopia – and who are being disproportionately impacted by climate change effects.”
Kerryn N.
“I want to rally for this earth for our grandchildren.”
Liesje B.
“I’m rallying for all creation and the beautiful and unique wilderness of the Blue Mountains. We are all connected in the web of life and need to listen to the “cry of the earth and the poor”.”
Angela F.
“I’m rallying because it’s how I express my love for God and my neighbours, especially the neighbours who are most affected by climate change but who have done the least to contribute.”
Anna H.
Melbourne, VIC
“I’m rallying for First Peoples of this nation, and First Peoples in the Pacific. I’m rallying especially for our human family in places like Tuvalu and Kiribati where home is being lost forever, but I’m also rallying for our non-human family. I rally for the Ocean, for the Land, the rivers, the creeks, the forests, the bush and the animals which are part of the only home we will ever have.”
Neil H.
“I have just finished 9 days walking in the Yorkshire Dales. I am rallying for all the beautiful, blissful, re-creating places through the world where we are reminded of God’s glory.”
Carol M.
“I’m rallying for health for all, clean air, not coal smoked, clean water not full of poisons killing land and fish and coral, clean rain-wet healthy soil growing nourishing tasty food”