How to get involved

Coming along to the Global Climate Strike is pretty straight forward. Follow this list and you’ll be all ready by September 20th.

1. Find out where your local strike is going to be held and get it in your diary 

2. Start talking to your church community, friends, family, invite others to come with you 

You could start a facebook group? You could put a notice in your church bulletin or show a powerpoint slide at announcement time (see below)? You could use the prayer and worship resources in a church service to get people thinking about the need for climate justice in our world (resources below).

3. Prepare a banner or placards for the Strike

It’s always great to take visual signs to a rally so that you add to your physical presence your message of why you’re rallying. Create a banner or placard or A3 sign for you to hold while you attend the strike. We will have downloadable A3 posters ready in coming weeks (see below), these will be an easy way to get a quick sign, and are also a good way to identify other Common Grace people in the crowd and make local connections to others who are passionate about Jesus and justice.

4. Attend the Strike 

Your presence at the strike is terrifically encouraging for students, but also adds to the global chorus of voices saying the time is now for climate action. 

5. Share your attendance

You can maximise your presence at the Global Climate Strike by sharing photos of the Strike on social media, talking and writing about your participation and by joining in our photo wall here.

6. Where to from here?

Keep engaged in climate action. A good next step might be to write to your local paper or MP letting them know about your concern for God’s beautiful earth?

Resources for Churches

Church Notice

A basic church notice might be something like this:


Our church is joining the #GlobalClimateStrike on September 20th. If you care about a safe climate future, this is your invitation to join young people around the world who are standing up to confront the climate crisis. Come along and stand together to join the chorus of those calling for real climate action!

The strike will be begin at <details - time, location, local plan>. 

Please contact <details> for more information.

If you’d like to know more about the Global Climate Strike and why Christians are getting involved have a look at

Catholic Church Bulletin notice produced by Laudato Si’ Generation

Powerpoint Slide

The powerpoint slide can be accessed and edited here

Resources for Prayer & Worship

There are an abundance of prayer and worship resources around ecological concerns. Below are a sequence of links to recent resources for September 2019.

Season of Creation Resources

Catholic Prayer Resources produced by the Global Catholic Climate Movement

Downloadable Posters and Facebook Graphics

Below are downloadable Common Grace Strike posters for you to take to the Rally.

             Poster 1                                Poster 1 colour                        Poster 2                          


          Poster 2 colour                           Poster 3                          Poster 3 colour 



You may also wish to print or share these graphics which the Global Climate Strike has produced as a save the date.