Prayer written by Aunty Sue Hodges, Wiradjuri Woman


Dear Creator God,

We acknowledge that You are the Creator of the Universe, a trillion gum trees, the deepest
ocean, the broadest dry land mass, the sun, the moon, and all creatures, great and small.

We apologise profusely for having sinned against You and for causing You so much
distress when we don’t treat one another or our common home the way we should.

Creator God, we call on You in our waiting and distress.

I wonder, am I under the ocean? Because when I look up, I see clouds crashing around me
like waves. Will a big canoe come and rescue us before we drown?

Am I a butterfly? Moving through the four stages of metamorphosis, am I stuck
somewhere between being an egg and an adult? When can I claim my wings and fly

Creator Spirit, I sit quietly with my hands over my head. I pray as I reflect on disputes
among nations, and disputes among people within nations, the persecution of Christians,
wars, floods, droughts, famine, disease, plagues, and bushfires.

I pray for my people across these lands who live under third-world conditions and are not
even recognised for the wealth of knowledge they bring. I pray this will change.

I now know that you cannot have a rainbow without rain, or eucalyptus seeds cannot
sprout without a bushfire; we cannot be saved without accepting Your Son, Jesus as our
personal Saviour.

May we remain alert to the hope and promise of peace, renewal, and new life discovered in
the arrival of Your Son, Jesus. In our anticipation, as our eager hearts wait for this cherished
event, may we overflow with hopeful anticipation and find joy in embracing the loving
mercy and grace bestowed upon us.Amen


Prayer written in reflection on scripture passage Mark 13:33-37.