Our Father, Our Creator,

We humbly come before you today acknowledging the weight of our shared history in Australia. We acknowledge that we are all made in your image and called to live in harmony with one another. Yet, as a nation we have fallen short of this calling, and ask for your guidance and wisdom to enable us to become agents of change in the pursuit of reconciliation with one another.

We pray for the courage to speak up for the marginalized and oppressed, and to be a voice for the generations that have suffered under the weight of racism and discrimination. May your love and grace inspire us to take action towards healing and reconciliation, and to work towards a future where all are treated with dignity and respect.

Help us to listen to the voices of those who have been silenced for too long, and to work together to see restoration and healing. 

May we be guided by your love and grace, and may our actions be a reflection of your goodness.

May your Holy Spirit guide us towards a future where love, mercy, and compassion reign. We pray for your hand to be upon us as we work towards reconciliation, and we entrust our efforts into your hands.

In Jesus' name we pray,



Joshua Lane is intensely proud of his family, faith and culture. He has a heart for people, restoration, and healing. He also believes Jesus is the hope for peace between people.  Joshua has 17 years of ministry experience in both church and chaplaincy.  He is the Chaplain at Cowboys House and Cleveland Training & Education Centre and Culture Lead for Scripture Union Australia. He is an ordained minister in the Australian Christian Churches attending iSEE Church, and is the chairman and one of the founders of Queensland Youth Connection, a leadership and empowerment network connecting young people to their community.