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To the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and members of the Australian Parliament, 

We call for the immediate release of all children and their families from mainland and offshore immigration detention facilities. We ask that you adopt alternative policies, which are in the best interest of all asylum seeker and refugee children.

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The recent Australian Human Rights Commission report on children in detention puts forward a clear case for why we need to immediately release all kids from Australian detention centres. 

Currently, there are 221 children being held in mainland detention centres, and a further 119 children on Nauru.[1] 

The Commission's report provides disturbing evidence of the harm inflicted on children in detention, with kids as young as 12 exposed to high degrees of violence, committing acts of self-harm, and experiencing significant mental health problems. The Report found that "Children on Nauru are suffering from extreme levels of physical, emotional, psychological and developmental distress.”[2] 

Now that we've heard the evidence, we need to get it out there – because while many of us know about the harm detention causes, there are many more who don't even realise this is happening. 

Will you speak up to call for the release of all children and their families from Australia-run detention centres? 

We need as many Australians as possible adding their voice and calling for an end to the detention of children once and for all. 

[1] Immigration Detention and Community Statistics Summary, 31 January 2015

[2] Australian Human Rights Commission, The Forgotten Children, p36.

Image source: Australian Human Rights Commission