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As followers of Jesus we see that all of God’s Creation is good and beautiful and worth protecting and we are pursuing justice... with scarves! 

Last month, we launched our Knit for Climate Action initiative, and over 500  knitters committed to knitting scarves that visualise the changes in global average temperatures.

These scarves represent the truth of the changing climate over the last 101 years. 

Climate Scarves

We want to get these scarves into the hands of our elected representatives and church leaders so they are inspired to take action on the climate crisis. We need your help today to achieve this goal.

Will you donate today to help demand urgent climate action?

$30 will help deliver a scarf

$76 will help raise the profile of this campaign in the media

$150 will help coordinate the national campaign




We see Creation groaning in this climate crisis. With ecosystems disappearing, extreme weather disasters increasing in severity and number, and islands vanishing under rising sea waters, we know that climate change is having disastrous consequences around the globe. 

Sadly, Australia is one of the worst offenders. We are among the top emitters of greenhouse gases per capita and the largest exporter of coal and LNG. And yet, the Australian government refuses to commit to urgent action and collectively, we are failing to listen to and be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to care for Creation. 

We need a rapid and just transition from dirty coal to renewable sources of energy. We need laws and policies to rapidly reduce our net carbon emissions to zero.

By donating to this Knit for Climate Action initiative you will help send the message that Christians want our leaders to make a bold and credible national plan to tackle the climate crisis. 

Your gift will help us deliver climate scarves to every member of the Senate and House of Representatives in 2021. Your gift will help bring our Christian voice to the national conversation on climate action.



If you don’t have a credit card or would like to do a direct debit, please use the following details

Account Name: Christians for Justice Ltd

BSB: 633-000

A/c: 152 835 336

Write your name in the description field and email to [email protected] with the email subject including the text "Donate Knit For Climate Action” and explain that you would like to donate to this initiative.



Register your interest to become a knitter and you will receive a Knitter's Handbook with all the info you need to get started.

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