Common Grace 2022 Members Survey

The Common Grace team would love to hear from you! Can you help us shape the next steps for our movement by sharing your thoughts in this 5 minute survey?

Thank you for your warm and generous welcome to me as National Director of Common Grace.

It’s been humbling to receive this welcome as I step into this role and I’m so excited about this new season for our movement, and for what we will be able to achieve together. 

The team and I would love to hear from you.

Can you help us shape the next steps for our movement by sharing your thoughts?

The team and I have been celebrating the ways our movement has helped so many of us grow deeper in our love for Jesus and justice, and understand more of what that means for these lands now called Australia.

And we’ve been dreaming of the possibilities of what lies ahead. There’s a lot that needs to change in our nation, and beyond it.  In the next two or three years, we will have a once in a generation chance to shift the dial on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice through a national referendum. Right now, Australia is making substantial progress on climate policy and dismantling the dehumanising elements of our asylum seeker policy, but so much more needs to be done. And we know as well that the Church needs to be doing more to address domestic and family violence within its communities and beyond them.

I know that change is possible. I know that we can be a part of  it- and I’m energised about how we can work together to make that a reality.

Common Grace is all of us which is why I need to hear from you to help shape what we do, and how we do it.

So that’s why today I’m asking you to give me your thoughts on how you’ve been involved and where Common Grace can go in the future.  

Will you take five minutes now to complete this anonymous survey? 

Your answers are critically needed to help shape Common Grace’s vision for our movement and strategy for the year ahead. In order to have the biggest impact, our community needs to decide what we’ll prioritise. 

As we together discern God’s vision for the future, we are eager to include you in our thinking and planning to make sure that what we do resonates strongly with you and where you see God already at work in our movement. Please pray for this process.

We look forward to seeking justice, loving mercy and walking faithfully alongside you in 2022.


Grace and peace,

Gershon Nimbalker and the Common Grace team