Common Grace Friends,

I feel humbled, privileged and excited to be joining the Common Grace team as the National director.

I’ve been involved with Common Grace since its very early days. It’s been such a source of joy and hope seeing the organisation grow from an idea and a dream, to a movement of tens of thousands of us who are passionate about Jesus and Justice.

I am profoundly grateful for the leadership that has come before to get us here.

And I am so looking forward to what lies ahead. Many of you know the amazing people that make up the Common Grace team. What a huge privilege it is to work with them as we lead this wonderful movement to learn, pray and act together for justice.

For my part, I grew up as a Christian. For most of my younger years, the connection between my faith and justice was just not that significant. But the moment that changed, the moment I got it, it changed the direction of my whole life. For the past 15 years I’ve been working in the Christian movement-building and advocacy space, both here and overseas.

In that time, I’ve been awestruck by what’s possible when we follow the call of Jesus and pursue his heart for justice. I’ve seen corporations, governments, churches and communities take steps to tackle exploitation, empower the marginalised, and centre truth at the heart of our discussions; so that the very systems and structures that perpetuate injustice are broken down.

I think there is hope in the air right now. I am so energised about what we can do together as we speak out for the common good, discover common ground and share in common grace!

I'm looking forward to the opportunities we will have to come together as a movement over this next season to dream and discuss together how we put our love in action for our neighbours as we pursue Jesus and justice out in these lands now called Australia. 

I’d love you to join a special online gathering on Wednesday 29 of June, to meet with me, and members of the Common Grace team as we start this new season together.

In hope and anticipation for this new season together,

Gershon Nimbalker



Register now and read more about this special Online Gathering, Wednesday 29 June 2022, 7pm AEST. Join our movement as we gather to meet via zoom and debrief about the federal election as well as reflect on the opportunities we have for speaking out for Jesus and justice in this new season for Common Grace and the leadership of our nation.