We invite you to join us in prayer for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, led by Sono Leone, a proud Garawa and Butchulla woman, and the Founder and Director of Strong Women Talking, delivering culturally-sensitive Domestic Violence workshops to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women in communities:

Heavenly Father, my prayer this month is that you protect and bless the many people who have been impacted by domestic and family violence.

I pray each person would feel your love and your grace especially as this month can often be a triggering time.

This month is a time of prevention and education and awareness but may we also take time to pause and stop and reflect on the women's lives who have been lost at the hands of violence.

Lord Jesus please be with all the family members of loved ones who have lost their lives, please be with the children of survivors and also with survivors of violence this month and into the future.

Please bless and protect the workers in this field who work tirelessly to support people impacted by Domestic and Family Violence.

Thankyou Lord Jesus for your love and grace this month and into the future.



Find out more about the incredible work of Strong Women Talking at strongwomentalking.org.au