God of Mercy and Grace –

in your quest to bring about justice. You understand what it is like to persevere in an unjust society when you suffered and died on the Cross Have mercy on us.

This Land weeps in sorrow. It is filled with sadness and grief because of the atrocities of the past and present. Have mercy on us.

We yearn for conciliation and peace in this place. To yarn and listen deeply to each other with Care and Compassion.

God of Truth –

You are pure and true – we worship you for who you are. There is no one like you – for you shine in the darkness.

Enable all the peoples of this Country to desire, listen and understand the True History of this Land. For only then can we walk this journey together.

Jesus, you are the tree life. Help us to be your instruments of Truth, by the Power of your Holy Spirit.
We pray for discernment and wisdom to impart your Truth.

Deliver us from devastation and bring about Healing to Country and our communities.”

Our Healer –

May all Creation, the birds, animals, fish, trees, plants, rocks, mountains, waters, and peoples be healed to flourishing.
Strengthen us, lead us, inspire us into action, ignited by our faith in you Lord Jesus.

Help us not to lose Hope.

For it is only through justice, forgiveness and Love can there be Healing and Peace.


If you are using please acknowledge Aunty Dr Doseena Fergie as the author/writer.

The Prayer for Healing Country was written by Aunty Dr Doseena Fergie for Common Grace's NAIDOC Week 2021 campaign Treaty and Truth Telling for Healing Country.

A video of the Prayer for Healing Country brings three generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people together - Aunty Doseena, her daughter Safina, and Safina’s eldest daughter Arieta, set to a moving soundtrack by Stu Fergie of Oka Music, Aunty Doseena’s son. It features the artwork, ‘Tree of Life’ by Safina Stewart, Common Grace’s National School Partnership Coordinator.