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The bible tells the story of how sin has created brokenness in our relationships to God, to one another and to creation itself. So much of our world falls short of the goodness that God intends. 

You are created to be part of God’s reconciliation story…

Today your heartfelt Reconciliation Gift will raise a gracious Christian voice that will not be quieted. A voice that continues speaking with love on issues of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice…  a voice that won't stop calling for the flourishing life God wants for all children… especially after moments of great heartbreak in our shared reconciliation story.

Please give generously

Today in your kindness and compassion, you are lifting up First Nations Christian leaders –  including those you know and love like Bianca Manning AND Safina Stewart! 

This is what your heartfelt gift means to the faithful First Nations leaders in your Common Grace movement…


🖤 Your gift means care for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders who give so generously of their time and their story in order to fuel the Common Grace movement… so they do not burn up or burn out. 


💛 Your gift means special skills development and increased support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members like Bianca and Safina… so they never have to carry the weight of pursuing justice alone. 


❤️ Your gift means more team resources to support Bianca and Safina develop materials for you and your church… so you’re well equipped to raise your own loving and gracious Christian voice in prayer and advocacy. 


Stand shoulder to shoulder with the amazing Christian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders in your Common Grace movement. Please donate today. 

How you’re helping…

The referendum last year, along with the public dialogue it stirred up, was devastating for so many. 

Again and again, our government has failed to listen deeply. 

Your Common Grace movement is uniquely positioned for such a time as this. To pursue justice, reconciliation, healing and flourishing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Today you can raise up this loving, Christian voice. And continue to call on the government to… 

    • Raise the age. Because children as young as 10 should not be taken from community and locked away in prison cells.
    • Close the gap. Because despite government policy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples still do not experience the same level of health, education and employment as the rest of the nation. 
    • Stop Aboriginal deaths in custody. Because the 339 recommendations from the 1991 Royal commission are still yet to be implemented. 
    • Deeply listen. Because without a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament, the need to deeply listen to Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population is more urgent than ever.

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