Thank you for your generous gift and ongoing support for Common Grace. 

Because of your monthly donation we can inspire more people to pursue Jesus and justice in Australia. 

Your gift is helping: 

  • Followers of Jesus to listen, learn and lament the injustices experienced in Australia. 
  • Resource and mobilise Christians to campaign for systemic change. 
  • Contribute a gracious voice to public discussions on justice and truth-telling.
  • Equip and encourage more people to pursue justice. 
  • Create spaces for celebrating where justice is achieved. 

Your gift means we can continue to see this movement rise, bringing together followers of Jesus united in the hope that God's healing justice would roll out like a river across this land. Thank you! 

We are together for the common good, finding common ground and sharing in common grace.

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susan caton
susan caton 2024-02-20 05:09:58 +1100

Common Grace is basically a divinely inspired Australian Christian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group working for many Christian causes including ‘Closing the Gap’; dealing wth Domestic Violence; First Nations person’s deaths and injustice in custody – the whole issue; The care of God’s creation: the Natural World and all of our relationship with it, and many such social justice and environmental issues. To Common Grace, "Your expression of well presented prayers, speech, and writing concerning your work inspires great uplifting reading and thinking, and more prayer.