Thank you for donating to Common Grace as we begin this new season. Your gift will help us to resource and support our team and develop creative campaigns.

There are exciting things ahead for us as an organisation, as we seek to resource and mobilise the Australian church to love and serve the marginalised and vulnerable in society alongside wholeheartedly caring for God's creation, and thanks to your support we're better resourced and equipped for the months ahead.

If I could just ask one more thing: I'd love to personally hear from you. I've just joined the team here at Common Grace and as we prepare for the year ahead, I'd love to talk with our supporters about their own passions for Common Grace and what you're excited about for us a movement going forward. I'd love you to take a moment to tell me why you've become a core supporter by writing me a message here. It is always so encouraging to hear from those we partner with in our mission.

Thank you again for your generous ongoing support.

Grace and peace,

Scott Sanders
CEO, Common Grace

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