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Pledge to take action for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice in 2023. 

Right now, Australia has a once in a generation opportunity to move forward on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice.

Together, we face a significant moment as a country to vote YES on a referendum for a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament. 

We lament that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been seeking to be heard since 1788. Australia has consistently failed to listen. We know too that Australia has not yet wrestled with the truth of our shared history, and has failed to establish treaties with its First Peoples.

We are committed to deeply listening to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and walking together for justice, healing and flourishing for all.

We recognise Voice as an important step along the way to hearing and responding to the long standing calls to deeply listen to the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the need to establish treaties, and the importance of national truth-telling.

You, working alongside the Common Grace movement, have a crucial role to play in supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and advocating for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and for justice.

To ensure the referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament is successful, we will need to speak to our leaders, quell the doubts in our churches and in our communities, and show people the ways in which every step towards reconciliation is a step towards justice and the enrichment of every Australian.

The stakes are so high. If our country does not come together in supporting a YES vote at the upcoming referendum on Voice, we won’t see another opportunity for constitutional change for a generation.

In 2023, we will be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders in:

  • Listening deeply to the Indigenous voices of the past and present. 
  • Campaigning for a YES vote in the referendum for a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament.
  • Advocating to #RaiseTheAge of criminal responsibility in Australia.
  • Grounding everything in Truth-Telling of our shared history and supporting a National Truth-Telling Commission and Treaty-making processes. 

Pledge your commitment to join us now in speaking up for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice in 2023 at this crucial time for action.

Actions we’ll be calling you to join us in may include: praying with and for the Movement, attending church events like Aboriginal Sunday (22 January 2023), helping to host and organise events in your local community, attending training in order to meet with your parliamentarians about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, being inspired to have conversations with your friends and community about the upcoming Referendum or continuing to support the campaign with your financial generosity.