Oh Pulse of Life, Oh Heartbeat of all Creation;

As we gather together this day around this large continent;

May we enrich each other as our journey’s come together,
As we listen deeply with respect;

May we take what we glean and enrich the communities we return to,
As we recognise the injustices (past and present);

May we offer our voices and to question their root causes,
As we become aware of the inequalities that exist;

May we actively respond to the needs that are hurting our fellow traveller,
As we come to appreciate the cultural and spiritual wisdom among
the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,

May we marvel at You more and more,
As we consider the value of the ground under our feet and the fruits
that it produces,

May we take steps to nourish and nurture the earth, air and waters,
As we strengthen our resolve to support Your work through Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander Sisters and Brothers;

May we see the blessings of the kingdom unfold across this entire

... And rejoice together at the beauty found there.


This prayer was written by Lea Maslen for the 2020 National #ChangeTheHeart Service.

If you are using please acknowledge Lea Maslen as the author/writer.