Thank you for committing to reclaim Aboriginal Sunday with your church or faith community. This page contains the Aboriginal Sunday Church Resource Toolkit. 

We hope and pray that Aboriginal Sunday is a significant moment in your calendar to act in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples on the Sunday before January 26. 

As part of the Common Grace movement and by holding an Aboriginal Sunday service on 24 January 2021 your church is going deeper in listening to and being led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders. Thank you for committing to seeking the true history of these lands now called Australia. Together we can #ChangeTheHeart of Australia. 


As a first step, we recommend you download and read the Introduction document:

📃Download Introduction


Next, download and read the Service Run Sheet. This document is the best way to understand the flow of the service and see each item in context. It will be your Service Leader’s go-to guide on the day.

📋Download Run Sheet


The above documents, as well as readings, music information, and everything else you will need, are compiled in a Google Drive folder for you to view, download and print. Use the Introduction document as your guide:

📁Go to Google Drive


We've also listed each resource out below that may be used collectively or individually:

Service Run Sheet

1. Acknowledgement of Country / Welcome to Country
2. Cultural Warning, Welcome and History
3. Welcome, Call to Prayer, Welcoming prayer
4. Video: Message from Aunty Jean Phillips
5. Song: “We Are Gathering Together”
6. Truth Telling: Do you know?
7. Prayer “We Continue to Gather & Pray” by Lea Maslen
8. Prayer “Aboriginal #ChangeTheHeart Prayer” by Bianca Manning
9. Introduction to participation moment
10. Song: “Watch and Pray” and attendees to bring their hearts and take a Truth Telling
11. Bible Reading 1: Psalm 33 selected verses Psalm 33:1-5, 11-15, 20-22 (NRSV)
12. Bible Reading 2: Amos 5:21-24 (NIV)
13. Bible Reading 3: John 8:31-36, 42-47 (NRSV)
14. Video: Message from Brooke Prentis
15. Song: “Song of Freedom”
16. Video: Grasstree Gathering 2018
17. Offering and Song: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
18. #ChangeTheHeart 2021
19. Benediction
20. Share a photo

Download the service run sheet

Service Resources

PowerPoint Slides

We have put together some slides to guide you through your service.

Acknowledgement of Country / Welcome to Country

It is entirely appropriate for a non-Aboriginal person to do an Acknowledgement of Country, but not a Welcome to Country. We encourage you to find your own words for Acknowledgement of Country but you can find some suggestions here. Leader. If you can arrange for a local Elder to do a Welcome to Country that would be great.

Worship Resources

Song 1 “We are Gathering Together”

Song 2 “Watch and Pray" by Pastor Helen Wright @heartcriesworship Can be played live or lyric video (permission given for use)

Song 3 “Song of Freedom” by Pastor Helen Wright @heartcriesworship Can be played live or lyric video (permission given for use)

Song 4 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"

The History of Aboriginal Sunday

Bible Readings


Psalm 33:1-5, 11-15, 20-22 

John 8:31-36, 42-47


'Call to Prayer' by Brooke Prentis

'We Continue to Gather and Pray' by Lea Maslen

'Aboriginal #ChangeTheHeart Prayer' by Bianca Manning


Message from Aunty Jean Phillips

Message from Brooke Prentis

Grasstree Gathering 2018

Truth Telling

In this Aboriginal Sunday Service we have called Christians to learn the truth that will set us free, and share what they learn, to be a truth teller. At the beginning of the service they will be given a felt or paper heart. During the song 'Watch and Pray', the congregation are asked to bring their heart to the front and exchange it for a 'truth telling slip'. This is an act of commitment to learn more about the truth telling written on the slip they pick up, to pray for it, and to share it.