Each January, Aunty Jean Phillips and Brooke Prentis with the support of Common Grace invite Australian Christians to acknowledge our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as we remember our past and find a way forward together.

As we approach January 26, 2019, let us change our hearts with greater understanding, respect and acknowledgement of what this day represents for First Nations Peoples.


Read and hear from Aboriginal and non-aboriginal voices sharing on why we should change our hearts regarding January 26.

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Prayer Services

Aboriginal Christian leader Aunty Jean Phillips has invited churches in every State and Territory to prayer services leading up to January 26.

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Aboriginal Sunday

In 1938, William Cooper established Aboriginal Sunday for Christian solidarity. This year, we're resourcing your church to take part.

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On Jan 26th, donate your social media to share an acknowledgement of country for the people on whose land you live.

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