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Common Grace & the Bible Society are calling on Australian Christians from across the church to PRAY the Lord’s Prayer daily in the season of Lent in the lead up to Easter.

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This year, as we prepare our hearts for Easter & enter the season of Lent, we are calling on Australian Christians from all across the church to PRAY the Lord’s Prayer daily.

‘Why?’ you might ask. Good question!

As you probably know, we describe Common Grace as ‘a movement of Christians who are passionate about Jesus and justice.' For us, ‘Jesus and justice’ aren’t just a couple of words that start with the same letter and work well as a catchy phrase. Like many of you, we’ve seen how social justice can often become divorced from the Lord of justice and peace. Yet we believe that real change can take place in a community, when individual Christians within that community submit their lives to Jesus’ lordship and, empowered by his grace, begin to live in obedience to him.

In fact, we believe that Jesus’ justice on earth is actually established as we learn to follow Jesus’s ways... and how better to learn Jesus’s ways than to pray as he himself taught us to?

For some Christians, praying the Lord’s Prayer is already a regular daily practice. And for others, it is not. So, rather than ignoring our traditions or allowing them to divide us, we are choosing to bring them together, knowing that just as we are united by the saving love of Jesus, so we will be united as we allow his prayer to become ours. Imagine what might happen in Oz if we all PRAY the prayer that Jesus taught us at the same time? How might he transform all of our hearts? And maybe even our nation?

As a key aspect of this time of focus, our amazing friends at the Bible Society have generously partnered with us to deliver daily Bible readings and devotional material, straight to our email inboxes, so that we can meditate upon the word together. This READ part of our Lent campaign is central and of utmost importance to us, just as habitual meditation upon scripture is central to our growth as Christians. We are honoured to have the support and partnership of the Bible Society who have such a long and consistent history of equipping Christians with the resources for developing daily devotional practices. Click here to learn more about their Daily Bible resource.

We’re also excited to have gathered some of Australia’s most respected Bible teachers, from all different church traditions, and will feature a weekly teaching video as they take us through the Lord’s Prayer line by line, helping us to REFLECT more deeply together.

And of course there will be a few extras here and there thrown in is as well – artwork for your phone’s home screen, social media stuff that you can easily share with others in your world, etc… all stuff that we know you’re going to love! 


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