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There is something powerful about a hand-delivered letter. Even more when it comes from a whole church, speaking up to their local MP, calling for the immediate evacuation of children and their families detained on Nauru.

That's why we need your church to write a letter to your local MP.

Over the last few months, hundreds of thousands of everyday Australians have signed petitions, made calls and sent emails calling for our politicians to get #KidsOffNauru. Then, last week 6,000 doctors called on our Prime Minister to take urgent action, while both Labor and Liberal politicians started to speak out against our current policies and their harm on children.

The tide is shifting, and now we need your church to raise its collective voice.

Common Grace are putting the call out to people like you in churches in every electorate across the country to invite their whole congregations to write a letter, co-sign it and deliver it to their local MP’s office.

We have put together everything you need to get your church involved, including a template letter, a video to play in the church, tips on delivering your letter and easy instructions on how to make it happen.

THE FIRST STEP is to signup your church on this page, so we can send you everything you need to get your church involved.

What if I don't go to church?

We understand that not every Common Grace supporter goes to a church, and many find the experience of church difficult. If that’s you, we acknowledge you and your experience. Instead of this church letter action, we encourage you to send a direct email to your MP.

#KidsOffNauru is a nation-wide campaign involving hundreds of organisations across faith and civil society. Together we are calling for the immediate resettlement of children, and their families, who are being held indefinitely on Nauru.