Join your local Grassroots Electorate Group

We’re on the search for passionate, dedicated people to form Grassroots Electorate Groups in priority electorates around Australia to engage with their local Federal parliamentarian or State Senator on matters of climate justice and call for urgent action.

You're invited to join your local Grassroots Electorate Group to play a critical role in the broader strategy to seek federal support to establish a ‘bold and credible national climate plan’ to make the transformational shifts required to reach our Paris Agreement commitments.

26 priority electorates have been strategically selected on the basis of where we can have the biggest impact, and help focus our efforts and energy in the lead up to the next Australian Federal Election (scheduled for 2022).

Together, with our friends at Tearfundwe are building a movement of everyday people who will advocate for Australia to play a bigger role in contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

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Grassroots Electorate Member - Volunteer Role Description

This role is for you if:

  • You believe Christians have a role in speaking into the public sphere and you are excited by the opportunity to engage your local federal parliamentarian on issues of climate justice.
  • You are keen to show that ordinary, everyday Christians care about tackling the climate crisis, and you would like to see both sides of government commit to doing more.
  • You would like to learn more about political engagement and develop your skills as an advocate. 
  • You are excited about working with others to work for urgent change on issues of climate justice. 

You will work to:

  • Be part of a local group of Christians from your electorate to take urgent action on climate justice.
  • Work with others in your group to develop a localised plan for influencing your elected official on issues of climate justice. 
  • Listen to and represent the voice and story of your local constituency as it relates to issues of climate justice. 
  • Work alongside local churches and community groups with similar goals and aims.
  • Commit to the group for a minimum 9-12 month period in the group.

You will be supported through:

  • Participating in grassroots lobbying and political engagement training.
  • Ongoing support from the Common Grace team.
  • Access to resources and learning opportunities.
  • Connection with other grassroots campaigners from right across Australia.

We’d love to hear from you and together advocate to our political leaders for urgent action on climate change. Apply now



Please share this page with people you believe would be a good fit for a Grassroots Electorate Group. 

Need more information or want to explore other options? Simply email [email protected] to explore how to get involved further.