As Christians, we feel the burden of the brokenness of God’s world. Our world is in need of restoration, now is NOT the time to go back to normal, where ‘normal’ was forests burning, coral reefs bleaching, glaciers melting, stronger storms and dirty air. Normal is a catastrophe for our living planet. We also feel hope that the world’s restoration is possible if we take action now. Our leaders need to know that everyday Christians care about decisive action on climate change. We need a bold national plan that prioritises the health and safety of our planet. 

Together, with our friends at Tearfund, we are building a movement of everyday people who will advocate for Australia to play a bigger role in contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

We’re on the search for passionate, dedicated people to form Grassroots Electorate Groups in priority electorates around Australia to engage with their local Federal parliamentarian or State Senator on matters of climate justice and call for urgent action.

26 priority electorates have been strategically selected on the basis of where we can have the biggest impact and help focus our efforts and energy in the lead up to the next Australian Federal Election (scheduled for 2022).

Together we will demonstrate, through strategic local electoral engagement, that everyday Christians care about tackling the climate crisis.

Together we will amplify the human impacts of climate change and advocate on behalf of those most significantly impacted by climate injustice.

Together we will appeal for a post-COVID Australia, where society, economy, and government put healing, people's lives and harmony with nature first. Clean energy, energy efficiency and climate resilience need to be front and centre in our future.

Not only do Christians have the message the world needs right now - we have potential for enormous impact as unlikely messengers advocating to our political leaders for urgent action on climate change.

Interested in joining a local electorate or senate group? Can you lead in your electorate? Want more information?

Need more info? Email [email protected] to explore how to get involved further.

Let’s come together to seek urgent action on climate change. Together, we can build a beautiful Australia and a more sustainable future.