There are a number of great resources out on the interwebs this Federal Election. As our vision is to see Christians participate in the conversation, we want to highlight a number of resources that you might find helpful:



- The Good Vote by Eternity News

- How in God’s Name Should I Vote? by Hope 103.2


Voting Guides

- Eternity News Election 2019 Election Guide

- Salvation Army Election Guide 2019



- They vote for you tool - giving you insight into how your current MP has previously voted


Thinking about Voting Christianly

We’ve also gathered some pieces written over the past couple of years that discuss the big picture of how we might approach voting from a Christian perspective. If you’re looking for a place to start, check these out:

Religion and Politics is like ice cream and manure: they don't mix - by Jarrod McKenna

How to Vote Christianly – by John Dickson

Gospel Shaped Politics – by Richard Glover, Michael Allison

Why I won’t vote my values – by Scott Higgins

Should A Christian Vote for a Christian Party - by Greg Bondar and Brad Chilcott

Faith in the Election - by Nils von Kalm

A Vote for the Voiceless - by the Catholic Bishops Statement of Australia on the Election

How to Votes as a Christian in 2016 in 11 (not easy) steps - by Nathan Campbell

Voting: An Exercise in Faith, Hope and Love - by Richard Glover


Australian How to Vote Education

You can find the AEC’s voting guides for each house of parliament here: for the House of Representatives and the Senate.