We invite you to join together as we pause to reflect and acknowledge January 26, in lament, prayer and action for justice. 

Join together with Christians across these lands taking action to learn, pray, acknowledge and walk together in friendship for healing and justice on January 26, 2024.  

Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader Uncle Pastor Dr Ray Minniecon provides this reflection about January 26:

“On January 26, the whole nation pauses to celebrate, reflect, and remember that Captain Arthur Phillip, sailed into what is now known as Sydney Cove with eleven shiploads of convicts, to establish a penal colony, hoist the British flag at Sydney Cove, and claim possession over these lands on behalf of the British Empire.

For Australia’s First Peoples, there is a completely different narrative. This day and date signify a “Day of Mourning.” “Survival Day.” “Sovereignty Day.” It represents the disruption and dispossession of First Nations history and cultural connections to their lands, language and heritage. This day and date confront and remind First Nations Peoples about their loss and ongoing suffering and trauma and struggle for justice, dignity and basic human rights.

How can these two powerful competing national narratives embark on a meaningful Biblical and theological dialogue about their future together on these lands we call Australia? And with the Creator’s blessings?”

Watch a powerful video conversation with Uncle Ray Minniecon reflecting on the very first Bible passage and sermon ever given on Aboriginal land (filmed for Aboriginal Sunday 2024) here.

Explore ideas below as together we are led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders to mark January 26, 2024.


Share a video of your feet walking on Country alongside an Acknowledgement of Country on social media 

Commit to walking together with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters by sharing a video of your feet walking on Country as a social media post or story. Share alongside an Acknowledgement of Country and tag @commongraceaus

Suggested wording for your Acknowledgment of Country: 

Today, on this day of mourning, invasion and survival, I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians on whose land I stand and pay my respects to the Elders past, present, and future. I commit to walking together in solidarity and friendship for truth, justice and healing. @commongraceaus

Talk about this action and invite others to take part on January 26.



Stand in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples attending rallies and events across the country

There are many opportunities to join together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across these lands we now call Australia as we mark January 26 as a Day of Mourning, Survival Day, Invasion Day. 

We've put together a list of online and in-person events here.



Pray for justice, healing and true reconciliation in these lands

Spend time in prayer for justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Pray that we may walk together in friendship to pursue justice, healing and the flourishing of all people and all creation.

We have a range of prayer resources for Aboriginal justice here.



Donate to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice

Your donation helps empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders to lead our nation and followers of Jesus to listen deeply, advocate for truth-telling and justice for the flourishing of all.

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