Will you join us?

As we prepare to meet with MPs and Senators throughout July - September we are inviting our wonderful knitters to join us as we gift your scarves and engage our nation's leaders in conversations calling for urgent action on climate change. Given your hard work and dedication in creating these beautiful scarves, we would love for you to be present when that happens.

Your story is at the heart of this beautiful movement.

There is an incredible power that comes from sharing your personal story. Your ‘why’ – your motivation for knitting and care for God’s beautiful creation – is at the centre of this campaign. We would love you to join us as we meet with our Federal Parliamentarians to share your stories! Please fill in our Google Doc if you would like to take part in this next important step of your scarf’s journey.

Thank you so much for all of the time, effort and creativity you have put into knitting your scarves. You are the beating heart of this beautiful movement for change and your stories are helping send a gracious message to our Federal Parliamentarians that Christians care about urgent climate action.