We've had over 600 people register to knit scarves and already 50 have been sent in to Common Grace HQ. We've received wonderful photos and heard numerous stories of people knitting through lockdown and with their church communities!

We're in the middle of dreaming about how to make the biggest impact with the scarves, how to show:

• the breadth and depth and passion of all who has tirelessly sourced wool,
• the hours of knitting, focusing on the intricacies of the pattern,
• the deep longing for climate action evidenced through the symbolic act of knitting.

We're planning a campaign launch and working on a scarf delivery plan ensuring every Senator and MP hears the passion of our community of the need for climate action.

So we want to encourage you knitters out there, to keep knitting!

We've had a number of questions come in to us, so we thought we'd send an update with some answers to the Frequently Asked Questions -

Where can I access the scarf pattern, instructions and knitting tips?
Everything you need for the project has been included in the Knitter's Handbook. Register to knit here and receive the Knitter's Handbook.


Is there a preference for wool yarn or acrylic yarn?
Ideally scarves would be knitted with 100% Australian wool yarn - but we totally understand if that is not possible (wool is expensive and it's hard to source the 16 colours needed). If youalready have a large stash of acrylic/blends, or if that is all you have access to, it is totally fine for you to use that.


Where can I source yarn?
A dad and daughter knitting team have bulk ordered wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. They are keen to split the cost and send wool kits to other knitters. Contact Paul Dickens if you are interested: [email protected]

You could also leave a message on the Common Grace Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/commongraceaus asking for more local suggestions, or asking if someone is able and willing to share their wool stash.
Charity & Op shops (Anglicare, Lifeline, Salvos, Vinnies)

What colours should be used?
Tracking down yarn in the 16 colours needed is the trickiest part of the whole project!

The colour names included in the Knitter's Handbook are to give you an idea of what colours you need - it isn't a list of specific colours you have to buy.

The only guideline is to follow the colour gradient on page 12 in the handbook - start with dark blue/navy, progress through light blue, move into white/cream/beige and then through yellows into oranges, reds and finish with your darkest burgundy.

When do you need the scarves to be completed and sent?
March 31, 2021. There's still time to get going on your project and send your scarf in!

Where should I send my completed scarf?
Common Grace
c/o Meredith Walker-Harding
Parcel Locker 10136 87442,
21 Enmore Rd,
Newtown NSW 2042

Don't forget to fill out the Return Form (page 15 of the Knitter's Handbook) and include it with your scarf when you send it to us.

What temperatures do the sixteen colours of the scarf actually represent?
We've put together a more detailed answer to this question, read the answer here.

We're so hopeful about the way the symbolic scarves can enter the public conversation this winter, so please keep knitting and praying that action will be taken for a safe climate for all Creation.

So we want to encourage you knitters out there, to keep knitting! And if you can't knit but would like to donate to keep putting urgent climate action on the agenda of our politicians, donate here to support the campaign!