Watching sport with my kids has become the real gamble. I may not be placing a multi or guessing who the first try scorer might be, but I can’t help but feel that every time I rug up with them and switch on Friday Night Football that I’m gambling with their future.

I know many other parents who feel the same way.

Every Friday during NRL season the three words my boys hear the most are, “Please gamble responsibly”. My boys know more about odds, multis, cash back specials and cashing out than they do about their maths homework.

Somewhere along the line we lost our way on this issue. Do we really want to gamble with our children’s future in this way?

I support the banning of gambling-related advertising during sporting broadcasts. Sport is a family-affair – It’s not something we should have to expose our children to unnecessary and unwanted risks in order to enjoy.

You and I shouldn’t have to gamble with our children’s future to enjoy broadcasted sport with them.

Most of our kids won’t become problem gamblers (I hope), but a larger percentage of them will if they continue to be exposed to the massive amount of gambling-related advertising that they currently are. It’s a numbers game – the more access we allow sports betting companies into our children’s lives, the more we gamble with their future.

Our children aren’t allowed into the gaming area of our local club or RSL, so why are sports betting companies allowed access into the lounge rooms in which we enjoy watching sport with our children?

I don’t think it’s right or fair that I have to choose to gamble my children’s future just to enjoy watching a game of footy with them.

THIS WEEK our Government leaders are debating whether to limit gambling ads during sports broadcasts so NOW is the best time for us to speak up!

Email Cabinet TODAY and let them know that they have your support for banning gambling ads during sporting broadcasts.

 David O'Connor works as a pastor to see others fulfil their potential and is the father of four fellow Canberra raiders supporters.

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