Host a screening of Ka-Ching!

The documentary Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation is a powerful tool for engaging Australians on the issue of poker machine gambling, and how it damages our communities. Community groups, councils, churches and small clubs are screening the film to bring their group together around an important issue.

You can also host your own screening of Ka-Ching

Write to your MP

Nation-wide change will come when we can convince our politicians that gambling reform is in the national interest.

Write a letter to your political representative

Petition Woollies to drop their pokies

Woolworths owns 12,182 poker machines across Australia, fleecing more than $1.3 billion unsuspecting users every year and destroying peoples lives in their wake. The Alliance for Gambling Reform are calling on Woolworths to put families first and drop their pokies.

Sign the petition to Woolworths today