Dear << NAME>>,

I am writing to congratulate you on your election as my Federal Member of Parliament for << XX>>.

As one of your constituents, I wanted to reach out and make contact. My name is <<XYZ>>, I am a member of << local church/local group>>.

I am a follower of Jesus as well as a supporter of the Common Grace movement. I am also passionate to see an Australia that is kinder and more compassionate, and hope that this government leads in a way that shows concern for justice, equity, and access for all.

I am particularly concerned about our nation’s treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and feel that truth telling and Treaty are long overdue. I want to see real investment to Close the Gap, and see all the 1991 Royal Commission recommendations implemented to prevent any more Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

I am particularly concerned about climate change and the massive disruption I forsee for our globe ahead. I am very distressed by Australia’s lack of action to address the impacts of climate change on our environment and communities, and I believe systemic changes to Australia's energy policy - including significant new investment in renewables and the end of coal - are urgently needed.

I am particularly concerned about our nation’s treatment of people seeking asylum on our shores. We must urgently end offshore processing, treat people seeking asylum fairly, reform the immigration detention system and rethink our broader refugee and humanitarian program. I am supportive of the ‘Choose Humane’ campaign and would love to see a major shift in our approach.

I am particularly concerned about our nation’s domestic violence crisis. Police are called to attend a family violence matter every two minutes; and women are literally being murdered in their own homes. I want to see violence against women declared a national emergency with real targets and enough funding to make progress a reality.

I understand that <<this issue is one / these issues are ones>> that <<is/are>> not easily fixed. That’s why I’ll be praying for you as you serve our nation - for wisdom, for compassion, and for a concern for people who need our support the most.

Loving God, as a new Parliament commences, I pray for <<insert name of MP>>, my elected representative. Bless <<insert name of MP>>: give them love, wisdom, and compassion. Challenge <<insert name of MP>>: give them courage and a thirst for justice. May <<insert name of MP>> be reminded by the followers of Jesus that we remain united in love, finding common ground as we work for the common good. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thank you for the work you are doing to serve our community. Please contact me if there’s ever any way I can help you in your efforts to improve the lives of your constituents, support people on the margins, and lead Australia.

Grace and peace,

<<Your name>>
<<Phone number>>