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Since 2018, as a movement, we have gathered in person and online annually in prayer on the anniversary of Wayne Fella Morrison’s death, 26 September. This year marks five years since his death in custody in South Australia and Wayne’s Coronial Inquest continues today. #JusticeForFella #BanSpitHoods

You are invited to join the Online Prayer Vigil for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody on Sunday 26 September at 7:30pm AEST to be held on Zoom. 

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody remains an ongoing injustice in these lands now called Australia. On 15 July the 10th Aboriginal person since March this year died in custody. This year also marks 30 years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Since this time, there have been almost 500 deaths in custody and many of the 339 recommendations from this Commission have never been implemented. It is an injustice that breaks the heart of God, and an injustice that compels us, as followers of Jesus, to action. 

The prayer vigil will be led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders. Please register to join the Online Prayer Vigil for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and stand in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples, take action through prayer, reflection, deeply listening and lamenting together. 

To learn more, access our Aboriginal Deaths in Custody resources page here

You can also add the #StopAboriginalDeathsInCustody Facebook frame to your profile picture here.

What You Will Need

During the Prayer Vigil we will be doing the Prayerful Activity together from our recent #LearnPrayAct Pledge

Please bring:  

  • Paper - We recommend a red piece of paper or cardboard and a yellow piece of paper or cardboard, but blank white paper will be fine 
  • Pen - A black felt pen or permanent marker. 
  • Scissors and glue
  • A candle to light as we pray and lament