State Minister for Health Letter

We encourage you this National Reconciliation Week to use this template letter to send/email the Minister for Health in your state, encouraging them to take action on Closing the Gap.


To the Honourable <MP Full Name>,

My name is <Your Name>, and I live in <Suburb> — part of your electorate of <Electorate> OR <Suburb, State/Territory>. It is currently National Reconciliation Week across Australia, and as one of 40,000+ Australian Christians that are part of the Common Grace movement, I am writing to you today to voice my concern about the abhorrent treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

As Christians, we believe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are, and always have been created in the image of the Creator. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have an ancient and important God-appointed role as custodians in these lands now called Australia. For too long this nation of Australia has not listened to, and not sought justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are tired of waiting for a Treaty and treaties over 250 years overdue, we grieve at the lives lost due to lack of action and investment to Close the Gap, implement recommendations to stop Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, and we fight for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be embraced as the world’s oldest living continuing cultures.

While we know that Closing the Gap has been a Federal initiative, as the State Minister for Health, <Mr/Ms MP Last Name>, you must know that it will take all people from all states to Close the Gap. It is important to the very lives of your Aboriginal constituents, and non-Aboriginal constituents such as myself are concerned. I am writing to you today to ask what you will be doing to help Aboriginal people in <your State/Territory> to help Close the Gap.

<MP Full Name>, the closing the gap targets were established over 10 years ago and Australia has failed to Close the Gap. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to die too young, and too often, and face overrepresentation in the prison system. How will you ensure Australia actively works, and sufficiently funds, the responsibility, to Close the Gap?

<MP Full Name> Since 1 January 2019 we have had 35 Aboriginal people suicide, this is a health emergency. What steps will you take to address this health and wellbeing emergency of Aboriginal suicide?

As a non-Aboriginal Australian Christian, and a resident of <State/Territory>, your action on these asks is vital for this state and nation groaning with injustice against First Nations peoples. Your action on these asks, <MP Full Name>, will save lives and help bring justice that is long overdue.

Yours faithfully,

<Your Full Name>