Churches Standing in Solidarity this Sunday

This Sunday, can your Church stand in solidarity with the men on Manus Island who are urgently calling for freedom and safety?

Can your Church stand in solidarity?

Through prayer and action this Sunday, will your church community stand with the men on Manus who are urgently calling for freedom and safety?

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After 24 days of peaceful protests since the closure of the Manus Camp, the men there have been forcefully and violently removed and are urgently calling for us to help them find freedom and safety.

We're asking Churches from across Australia to stand with the men on Manus in a show of solidarity during our Sunday services.

We're asking your church to pray publicly in your service, then take a photo of your congregation standing with crossed-arms raised as a public sign of solidarity.

If your church is unable to take part in the action, you could also share the above video during your service. Download the video

When the Church speaks up for justice, when we stand with those marginalised, when we confront the powers that oppress, we are in sync with the heart of God and the call of Christ to liberate the captives, to set free those in bondage.

What if my Church doesn't want to get involved? 
If you're not able to get your whole church involved during the service, that's okay. You could instead take a photo with a few friends before or after a service, and take time together to pray for the men on Manus.

If you or your Church want to stand in solidarity with the men on Manus, add your name to this page and we'll email you on Sunday with a reminder to take and upload your photo.

When the Church puts our neighbour first, when we choose the path of compassion over apathy, when we hear the cries of those facing injustice, we're walking in step with the heart of God who responds to injustice, who hears the cry of the poor, and calls his Church to the same.

We're standing in Solidarity with the men on Manus