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In Lent 2015, over 2,000 Christians committed to praying the Lord's Prayer daily, with weekly video reflections on the Lord's Prayer. This Project was in partnership with the Bible Society's Daily Bible.

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Common Grace, in partnership with the Bible Society's Daily Bible, invited Christians from all over Australia to unite in Lent 2015 to: PRAY the Lord’s Prayer each day; to READ daily emailed scripture & devotions on the Lord’s Prayer; and to REFLECT each week with gifted Bible teachers on each line of the Lord's Prayer.

You can see the main site here: www.lordsprayer.org.au

 The material from the 2015 Lent Lord's Prayer is all still available and would be great for a bible study, sermon series or personal devotion.

Daily bible readings on a theme of the Lord's Prayer you can find here: daily bible readings

And weekly video reflections on each phrase of the prayer are here:

It's our prayer that the church praying Jesus' prayer overflows in his ways of beauty, generosity and justice for the sake of the world.