Walks for Reconciliation: Learn More

Something special happened in 2000, when hundreds and thousands of Australians gathered to walk together in big cities and small towns for Reconciliation. Now, 20 years later, we find ourselves in an unexpected global pandemic, and again we need to remind ourselves of that spirit of togetherness, so that we may take the ministry of Reconciliation from merely words and speech, into actions and truth. 

In 2000 there were multiple Walks for Reconciliation:

  • Sydney - it was a two day event called Corroboree 2000 held on 27 & 28 May 2000 and is still the largest gathering of people in Australia's history
  • Brisbane over the William Jolly Bridge, 
  • Adelaide over the King William Street Bridge, 
  • Hobart over the Tasman Bridge, 
  • Perth over the Swan River Causeway 
  • and Melbourne from Flinders Street Station to King’s Domain! 

There were many other walks held right around Australia too!  

Read more about the Walks for Reconcilitaion on the National Museum of Australia's page of Defining Moments in Australia's history here.


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