A series of daily email devotionals for Advent 2020.

This is a series of daily email devotionals for Advent 2020, crafted by a diverse group of contributors, and reflecting on the lament of the Advent story and the hope that we share. Sign up anytime during December.

This series has been crafted by a diverse group of contributors including Dr Di Rayson, Janet McKinney, Rev Dr Kirk Patston, Darlene Zschech, Phil Walker-Harding, Peter Richardson, Aunty Ida Granites with Dr Steve Bevis, Miranda Bennett, Oscar Delaney, Gemma Bell, Rachel Turner, Qwayne Guevara, Peter Richardson, Sally-Ann Williams, Will Small, Rev Thresi Mauboy, Brooke Prentis and more.


About this Advent series

As the end of this year nears, many shared elements can be found between 2020 and Advent: weariness; pain; uncertainty about the future; systemic injustice; needless deaths and suffering.

Into this picture of exhaustion and fear comes Jesus. The Messiah who comes to us in the most unlikely, unexpected form. The God who did not forget his people or ignore their cries. Jesus did not deny our pain or magically fix it, instead, he entered into it wholly bringing healing and salvation.

This year's Common Grace Advent series reflects on both parts of the Advent story: the lament and the hope we share.

2020 has seen an extraordinary global experience of shared pain and fear: the first time that many people have experienced such a thing in their lives. And this weariness is magnified for those already living injustice, whose lament is not new, and has often gone unheard and unresponded. The experiences of the marginalised have been brought to light and made more visible through our shared experience of pain and weariness during this time: our global, national, community and neighbourhood lament. 

It is only through acknowledging the fullness of lament that we truly hear the voices of the marginalised and are called to respond. Sitting in lament acknowledges the existence of pain. We become present to the here and now, to the stirrings and teaching of the Spirit. Sitting in lament brings a deep and clear focus on salvation and hope in Jesus. 

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