Common Grace is a movement of people around Australia seeking a Christ-like approach to love and justice for all people. As such we are eager to see all our members being equipped to be effective advocates in all our campaigns. So what follows are some great resources to help you stand for the justice of the Kingdom of God in Australia for asylum seekers.

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Asylum Seeker FAQ

One of the best things we can be doing for asylum seekers is having answers to people’s concerns and objections to welcoming them to Australia. So here are some great resources to help us learn about why it really is possible to welcome asylum seekers to Australia, and to help us give an answer to those that believe there is no other way. 

Give Hope have a great FAQ resource here

And Amnesty international have a really practical FAQ resource you can download here

There is a great video to give an overview of the issue and why the church can play an important part here

Making Phone Calls and Writing Emails

Contacting politicians is one of the best actions we can always take to advocate for asylum seekers and it’s surprisingly easy. 

Politicians are elected by those they represent – which is you and me. They benefit from hearing from us, especially when it comes to issues that we are passionate about.

So we have included a couple of great resources here from our friends at TEAR to help you with contacting politicians whether by email or in person.

  • For help in writing letters to your local member download the PDF here
  • For help in meeting your local member download the PDF here
  • For help in researching your topic check out our Common Grace resources and click here for some help in conducting further research.