Common Grace is excited to be celebrating the joy and fun of Book Week 2021! 

Books are a wonderful way to help open up conversations and explore complex issues, helping inform and encourage new perspectives, teaching the need to listen to other voices, spark action and build empathy and care for those who experienced injustice. 

Join us as we celebrate Book Week along with children, families, educators and authors across Australia, exploring the 2021 Book Week theme of 'Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds'.

We will be sharing a special blog series exploring the wonderful way books help open up new worlds, spark big ideas, grow compassion and encourage deep conversations that can help bring about change in our world. Explore this special series below with contributions from Susy Lee, author of 'Raising Kids who Care', Alison Williams, who works in children's publishing as well as book reviews from children and young people.  

We would love to hear your own children's book recommendations! To celebrate Book Week please share your recommendations of books your children love and have helped spark great conversations for change. Share with Common Grace on social media (Facebook or Instagram) by tagging us at @commongraceaus or email [email protected]. We would also love you to join the Common Grace team and get ready to show us your great Book Week costumes on Friday 27 August for our virtual dress up parade.  

Blog Series 

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

blog by Alison Williams

Alison Williams, who works in children's publishing, reflects on this years Book Week theme 'Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds, and shares her beautifully curated list of children's book recommendations around the four key areas of justice that Common Grace pursues. 

Stepping Stones for a Better Tomorrow

blog by David Stocks

Radford College student David Stocks explores how Margriet Ruurs children’s book ‘Stepping Stones’ helps us take small steps towards understanding and empathising with the plight of asylum seekers.

Reading Together to Spark Deep Conversations

blog by Susy Lee

Author of ‘Raising Kids Who Care’, Susy Lee, explores how books can help spark meaningful, deep and intentional conversations with our children and young people.